Adoption Procedure

  1. Fill out an Adoption Application and return to the rescue. (Our adoption fees range from $250 to $2,000, depending on the parrot. This adoption fee does not include the fee of their cage and/or equipment if available.)
  2. Have a phone interview, discuss application and address any questions.
  3. Meet & greet with a volunteer and your desired parrot at a social setting. Sign adoption notification form.
  4. Complete four 1 hour sessions with parrot involving in-home and social settings. (This gives the parrot different areas of interaction with the applicant family, allowing the applicants the opportunity to observe the parrot in different situations and determine if this parrot is the right match for them.)
  5. Adoption accepted. Meet at our vet for a final vet check and obtain an adoption package. Parrot is ready for his/her forever home!
  6. Follow up visits by a volunteer and phone calls will be made to ensure the parrot’s well being.

Please note all social settings including the in-home visit with have to be located 30 or less miles away from the rescue's office.

Adoption Fees

Unlike a government run shelter or rescue who receives most of their funding from the government, we do not receive any additional funding to help with operational costs. Since we are a non-profit corporation we have the same business expenses and rules as a regular business and since parrots are considered exotic animals by most governments, they require additional facility expenses.

The only funding Olive Branch Parrot Rescue is receiving is from adoption fees to cover the operating costs such as:

  • Annual federal, state and city fees
  • Annual special license fees
  • Annual liability insurance policy
  • Avian veterinarian check expense
  • Continuing medical expense
  • Antibiotics for quarantine stage
  • Grooming for wing, beak & nails by a licensed groomer
  • Cages, toys, bowls (Many times not provided with the parrots)
  • Parrot food including nuts, pasta, fruit, vegetables and seed
  • Special diet food for sick parrots
  • Specialized cleaning equipment
  • Specialized disinfectants
  • Travel expense
  • Office supplies
  • Accounting and lawyer fees
  • Website maintenance fees
  • Telephone expense