This page is dedicated to the wonderful parrots that have touched our lives. They will forever live on in our hearts and our memories.


Timneh African Grey

R.I.P. 11/16/08

Sergeant was our mascot for the rescue. We had him for 2 years and it took three months to earn his trust. He was near death when he came to us and could hardly stand on a perch. We placed Sergie in a baby cage until he regained his strength. We had estimated him to be 30 to 50 years old and a wild-caught imported bird.

He loved going on outings to Starbucks every week. He did learn a few swear words in his lifetime and had a few disturbing phrases, all before he came to us. But he was so enduring and cheerful all the time. His favorite phrase he learned during his life here was, "HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY BIRD!"